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Build railroads across continents for glory and personal gain. Railroad Tycoon 3 covers a lot of ground without miring you in details best left for unseen assistants. With a design that streamlines a big chunk of micromanagement, it's big-picture time and the task at hand is laying down the background for industrial progress.

There's no need to have played PopTop's Railroad Tycoon 2 from , but those who have will--after the shock of the major graphics overhaul wears off--quickly notice that managing cargo loads is much simpler. There are also many more industries to build in the extra time freed up by not micromanaging payloads, and structures can be placed anywhere on the map and not just in the station. These changes, plus enhancements to the economic model, work to create better pacing and a more interactive world. The typical scenario has you founding a company with your limited start-up funds.

Gradually, over the course of 20 or 30 years, you connect the towns and cities of major regions from around the world. You can play in specific time periods, like the pre-industrial Midwest, Texas at the tip of the oil boom, or modern Europe during the last decade's reunification. Of course, you're not alone in trying to reap the financial windfalls of having a transportation monopoly, and computer players will race to grab prime routes and cut into your profits.

Fighting back--on the tracks and on the stock market--is a natural part of the tycoon legacy. A dynamic economy ups the ante, with boom and bust cycles and the appearance of new industries you can buy up to diversify and create more business for your trains. Laying track is the first and most important step of the game.

It's intuitive enough that routes should connect cities that are full of goods and passengers in need of transport. Unfortunately, things like hills and rivers often get in the way. Taking geography and efficiency into account is what makes the seemingly simple task of connecting two points a satisfying challenge. In a process that a two-part tutorial effectively walks you through, the interface makes it easy enough to drag track from one point to the next.

Before you release the mouse button to finalize track construction, the critical element to watch is the color-coded elevation guide that marks the grade from green to red for every track segment. Naturally, flat track is fast track. The great news is that there's an undo button. This all-too-rare feature can really save your bacon and keep you from wasting money you don't have when navigating difficult terrain. Also in your construction toolbox are options for double track, electric track, and buttons that regulate the frequency that tunnels and bridges appear on track as you drag it over obstacles.

Building can be an intricate process of trial and error in hilly regions, but the reward of zooming in the camera and turning on the grid overlay is a faster route and bigger profits. Steep terrain will challenge your building instincts, but the rewards are worth it. Track isn't much good without trains. Depending on the time period and country, scenarios can offer a dozen different steam, diesel, and electric locomotives, with some appearing or becoming obsolete as the years progress.

You can have quite an assortment running on a large network, picked for different purposes. Fast trains are great for time-sensitive express cargos passengers and mail , since speedy deliveries end up making you more money, and people pay more for elegant-looking trains. Trains can also now have up to eight cars, and some engines are better at hitting close to their top speeds with heavier loads.

The bulk of the money to be made comes from setting up smart routes with the right match of locomotives and destinations.

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Payloads don't just magically appear. Passengers and mail now have specific destinations and will only be available if your rail network connects where they want to go. Since express cargos pay well, that's a reason to not only expand beyond a few industrial centers but also to connect to competitors' track.

Another major change is that raw materials will now move slowly overland and along rivers, even without train connections, so you don't necessarily have to worry as much about getting the basics to towns where they can be processed into more lucrative goods.

Railroad Tycoon 3 for PC Reviews - Metacritic

While building stations in the middle of nowhere just to pick up cattle or grain might have been an ordinary practice in the previous game, that's mostly a thing of the past. What underscores your role in a region's growth is that cities grow dynamically in response to the actions of you and your competitors, adding both population and new businesses. Cities are also somewhat randomized every time a map is played, and many scenarios include historical events scripted to radically affect the economy, though they mostly reflect technological change.

To put your tycoon skills to work, there's a campaign with 16 missions and a number of stand-alone scenarios, plus a sandbox mode that drops the financial part of the game to focus purely on building. The "campaign" is essentially a launch pad for the missions. The notion is that of a train museum with a helpful elderly curator who colorfully narrates the transition between four mission sets and also narrates cinematic intros for each map's setting. There's nothing to stop you from playing the missions in any order, or skipping the tutorials, but following the prescribed order does make for a gentler introduction.

Except for the last three futuristic scenarios that use radical geographic and climatic change to create some odd, artificial challenges, all the maps are solidly grounded in historical moments, putting you in charge of: Turn to the financial markets to fund explosive growth. While you'll master the intricacies of building track, reading industrial supply and demand, and routing trains within a couple of missions, the variety of goals keeps things interesting as you progress through the campaign, and there's the chance to win silver and gold medals by meeting stiffer challenges.

The goals for all three medal levels are established in the briefing and can be as simple as connecting two distant cities, at the bronze level, or as significant as acquiring all other companies and gaining huge personal wealth, at the gold level. There are even a couple of purely tactical missions, where no building is allowed and time is counted by minutes and days rather than months and years.

An early example of this has you running deliveries for the military in the days following Pearl Harbor, and it takes careful planning and manual one-off routes to gather up the goods from cities across the eastern seaboard. You can easily monitor your progress toward medals in a ledger that is thick with statistics.

This ledger is also handy for singling out underperforming trains. Only some mission goals require you to play the stock market, but the huge funding requirements of building a major railroad will likely push you to the financial markets at some point or another. Running a two-town line won't hold your interest for long. For big cash infusions early on, there's the bond market to turn to, but not only will the spigot turn on and off depending on your credit rating, the interest payment can weigh down a young company.

As in the previous game, there's a stock market that dynamically follows the fortunes of the railroad companies and the economy at large. As well as the 25 challenging scenarios to recreate magnificent feats of railroading history, players A fully realised 3D gaming world scaling from eye in the sky views of entire continents down to incredibly detailed close-ups of beautifully modelled locomotives, buildings and landscapes. As well as the 25 challenging scenarios to recreate magnificent feats of railroading history, players can pick from over 40 locomotives over 35 different cargoes and in excess of buildings?

Railroad Tycoon 3 defines the essence of tycoon simulations with incredible attention to detail in a living, breathing world, built around a truly amazing game! All aboard. PopTop Software Genre s: Critic Reviews.

Score distribution:. A rich, immersive strategy title sure to please most dyed in the wool simulation and strategy fans. Highly Recommended to all, even those who may need more of a learning curve. All this publication's reviews Read full review. Most of my negative comments center around the AI, or misguided attempts at realism: Game Chronicles.

An outstanding game that promises absorbing gameplay and a nice break from other strategy games that either focus purely on combat or economic simulators that are too complex to be enjoyed by anyone other than a select few. Gamer's Hell.

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RRT3 provides a good time with no stress- drop away the menus and just follow a train, meandering through the plains, mountains or forests through day and night, and you'll see what I mean. Computer Games Magazine. There's simply not a sound gameplay model at work here. All this publication's reviews. User Reviews. Write a Review. Despite its age, new maps and scenarios are still popping up on line. Most scenarios are easy, but some can be really challenging according Despite its age, new maps and scenarios are still popping up on line.

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Most scenarios are easy, but some can be really challenging according to my critics. I must admit, however, that I fell in love with RT 2 when the 1st train pulled out of the station in the Tutorial, while I hated RT 3 until I was in the 2nd Tutorial scenario and that it took the 1. If you try to play this game out of the box in Vista or higher, it might not work, but a patch is availble at http: If you liked the past Railroad Tycoon series, you'll love this one even more! Actually, this game isnt just for trainspotters.

MacSoft: Railroad Tycoon 3 ships Sept. 13

Well, not quite but the graphics are excellent even now to an extent and the management Actually, this game isnt just for trainspotters. Well, not quite but the graphics are excellent even now to an extent and the management abilities are incredible. I played this after being a big fan of rollercoaster tycoon games and although you cant spend hours killing guests, it maintains the economic side and has more missions than you would ever believe.

Also, its actually possible to make money, a stunning achievement comparitively. Great way to waste a week of sleepless nights. Economic model is confusing, and could use a little guidance, but otherwise a fine product. Nice graphics but this game is too easy. Can be fun at beginning, but after you'll learn now to play Best Nice graphics but this game is too easy.

Best thing in this game is This is allowing me to play poker during game: D … Expand. Although much improved feature-wise over its predecessors, there is a lack of focus on railways. It is quite simple to gain a boatload of Although much improved feature-wise over its predecessors, there is a lack of focus on railways. It is quite simple to gain a boatload of money by buying industries and not laying any tracks except to complete the goal.