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Fortunately, once these files are loaded onto the NAS, Synology provides a simple backup solution with file protection to back up everything to another NAS, a cloud service or a separate external device for redundancy across the board.

7 Best NAS (Network Attached Storage) to Buy in

Two large mm fans on the rear keep everything cool, and there are dual RJ ethernet points with support for link aggregation. A rear eSATA port adds to the storage potential in the event the drive bays are used up. Additionally, the TSA supports the Roon streaming service priced separately , which upscales nearly any type of audio file to near studio-quality.

Beyond multimedia, the Qnap performs exceptionally well as a traditional NAS with good RAID recovery, remote access and powerful virtualization capabilities. Extras include advanced file management between the NAS and your computer, Cloud Sync for connecting to a slew of popular cloud providers, as well as a well-designed software interface for managing all the above.

The lack of Ethernet and HDMI ports is notable, but is easily overshadowed by its integration into a business environment with admin support for monitoring and controlling access to files and folders.

Families can make use of collaborative sharing, where everyone can access all their most important files and folders in one place. In addition, the EX is also ready to help protect the home with Milestone Arcus surveillance software that provides live feeds and records video with separately purchased cameras. Featuring unrivaled data protection, state-of-the-art backup recovery and the ability to support up to users, the Netgear ReadyNAS X00 is the best NAS money can buy.

With a maximum of six available bays for storage, the ReadyNAS can handle up to 60TBs of storage that can process at up to 20 gigabits per second for both business and media applications. It's powered by an Intel Xeon 2. Safeguarded by five levels of data protection, business owners should feel secure against the loss of company files, databases or virtual images. The backup and recovery system is rock solid, allowing users to quickly restore from the latest backup and get back to work.

With 10GbE Ethernet ports on the back of the hardware, there's support for a multitude of users all at once without any impact to data speeds. Our reviewers spent 10 hours testing one of the most popular NAS devices on the market. To really get the full experience, they set it up in their home offices, connected various devices, and analyzed its performance.

NAS roundup: Best network attached storage options for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users

We asked them to consider the most important features when using this NAS server, from its design to special features like encryption and additional drive bays. We've outlined the key points here so that you, too, know what to look for when shopping. Additional drive bays - Basic NAS devices come with a single built-in hard drive. If you want your NAS to last a long time — and to be as flexible and redundant as possible — look for one that has multiple drive bays.

This allows you to store more data, add an additional backup, and even hot-swap out defective drives in some models.

NAS provides safety, control, and convenience. Instead of each user using their own local storage or cloud storage Google Docs, Dropbox, etc. NAS devices are used in a variety of ways in home and enterprise environments. They are also an easy and convenient way to share files via a central hub. With so many Apple devices being used at home — from iPhones and iPads to iMacs and MacBooks — individuals and families need a safe way to back-up their devices. Keep in mind though that on-site backup alone is insufficient for truly securing your data.

An additional, essential consideration when selecting a NAS device for home use is the number of drive bays.

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Devices typically feature one to four bays, which corresponds to the number of hard disks — and therefore additional storage — the device can accommodate. A single-bay device means no out-of-the-box redundancy. Whenever possible, look for an expandable NAS device. Up to 10TB is sufficient to meet the needs of most home users and in open devices i.

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Lastly, when considering the appearance of a device, remember that svelte, unassuming NAS devices might look the best, but they typically lack the options for expandable storage that their bulkier brothers possess. Suffice to say that strong networks are essential in business — but equally essential is their ability to grow and scale, and scaling is as much to do with the security of data as it is total terabytes on a network. NAS in RAID are also used to address disk fault tolerance — knowing that if a disk fails, its data is preserved on a second disk — and performance, with additional drives to assist in data retrieval operations.

File sharing and access is important to every business. Coordinated projects that require multiple users to work from a single file, for example, are common in creative and marketing organizations. NAS file sharing is a much more convenient, secure, and practical than juggling files over email or the cloud. Not only do on-premise users have access, but remote users share equal access to essential files. NAS are also easy to manage. USBs both 2. For ethernet, a minimum of a pair of gigabit ethernet ports or 10 GB on high-end models is recommended, which can be configured to work in tandem to improve performance, bandwidth capacity, and failover i.

More than anything, NAS is a cost-effective solution for data redundancy and backup, eliminating the need for elaborate and expensive network servers or on-hand network technicians. Form factor usually relates to two essential factors: When considering the cost, read the fine print of each device to see whether the device is shipped with hard drive disks pre-installed or whether hard disks need to be purchased separately.

Most devices offer enterprise support in the form of user account management, while higher end models may feature an onboard FTP service for greater file sharing flexibility.