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The flow of printer calibration is as follows. Specify print settings according to the printer and paper to be used, then print a chart. Enter the print settings described in the printed chart. Calibrate the printer based on the measured data.

Understanding Color Management: X-Rite Photo & Video

The flow of ICC profile creation is as follows. Page top. Home Click Here to Search. Jan 4, Messages: UK Printer Model: Canon Pro II. I have down loaded the Canon Color Management tool and tried it out on my Pro ll. It operated in conjunction with my ColorMunki Photo and produced 3 pages of test charts with 45 patches per page on A4 colour patches.

How to Download and Install ICC Profiles

These are read by the CM and create a printer specific profile for the various Canon papers. I think it should work equally well on any paper. So this is another profiler tool to play with!! Not that many patches but, none the less potentially useful. It worked smoothly enough, but I have yet to evaluate the profile produced. The Canon download site lists it as follows: Color Management Tool Pro Ver.

English Description Optional This software is a color management program that helps to colour profile your printer. Additionally it helps to create ICC profiles for your specialist paper.

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You will require a compatible spectrophotometer. The usage description: For users who require even higher color precision, the Pro-1 series and the Pro Mark ll series allow you to perform printer calibrations that minimize variations in color reproduction when the enviroment is changed or as time elapses and differences in color reproduction when multiple printers are used. You can get more stable results by calibrating the printer before you create the ICC profile. Emulator , Oct 2, I spent a short time doing a web search for Canon CMT problems, but only came across jtoolman's other questions and answers.

No other stated colour problems. Examining the profile I produced shows quite a good overall structure first image , but there are some nasty indentations in the upper surface and and also particularly in the lower surface, second and third images, so I think there must be something wrong in the implementation. You really have to manipulate the image rotation to see the indentations properly.

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