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Rhetorical rhetorical. Verse 2 Forever life been never nice, we expedite the process. And every night I get advice, cause life is way too complex. Heaven's lights are hella bright, ironic how that came to be.

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But can't you see? This angel speaks. She's saying the place is safe for me. I told "wait or me," the make believer normally disguise. Transform before your eyes and glorifies euphoric highs.

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The morning rises and I'm fast asleep. Somewhere off in the master suite. Having dreams of Latin queens and nasty freaks. My mind, it wonders to places yonder and even farther. A genius author, a Jesus preaching just to feed his daughter.

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The weed to spark up, yeah he's a goner, fuck these premadonnas. I'll always wonder what happened years ago. I like to toy with the idea that we really know.

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Is what I do important in the grand scheme of things? In my head these dreams are dreamt, trust me we are kings. Verse 3 I'm living a blindfold, like where did the time go. I know you hear me out there, can you sign off? I'ma follow you wherever your mind goes. Baby I'ma follow you wherever your mind goes.

Can you wait girl, so I won't be. Hold you closely, so we don't speak.

Will you follow me wherever my mind goes? So will you follow me wherever my mind goes? Verse 4 I'm just trying to make it all make sense. As you hypothesize on how to monetize, take advantage of. All the time we all behind, get lost in this Aquarium. America, the standard of vanity when the camera's up. We become celebrities, distract from the hysteria.

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Confessions that I have and curiosity about life and death. Most of us will never understand it, we just like the quest. Read about the meaning of dreaming and all its messages. Sedatives that take me to God, witness his fetishes. We all in search for substance, that gives you pain and numbness.

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Circumstances advance the second chances, for this beloved. Mitch Findlay findlaymitch. Dance ClockworkDJ. Produced by Mac Miller.

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