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As you can see from the screen shot below, adding a KB object to a 13 KB file took the total file size for Doc2 to KB approximately the total of the two separate objects. When I inserted the picture into Doc2, Word automatically resized it to fit nicely within the page margins. Here are the details of the photo I inserted into Doc2.

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You can see that the original size 1 in the screen shot is some 80 x 60 cm — BIG! You should find picture compression now works correctly. Also check your settings in case you have compression turned off by default, it is turned on and set to dpi in Word You can also change the settings for the entire document here too: Posted in Word. I have read your instructions but they do not comply with my Apple Mac, do you have instructions where I can reduce my large image in my word document. You really saved me there! Lucy — Following up your query about image compression on a Mac.

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I was able to shrink a MB document to a much more manageable 82 MB. Sending chocolates to Australia is a problem as Customs would likely seize them!

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Worked great, thanks!! The only comment I have is a correction. Cut or Copy work equally as well in this situation as you paste the clipboard contents over the existing picture, thus replacing it.

How does the option to discard editing data and the default resolution fit into this? Thank You so much. I was having trouble uploading my assessment and only had a few minutes left to submit.

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God bless you. I am looking at starting a newsletter and need to compress the entire newsletter so that I can email to many. Can this be done without compressing individual images? Best is to: Made the pdf a lot smaller too. Great tip. Remember to save as a docx too if you open an old doc format. Thank you so much for your tip. It helped me alot.. I would have seen this before…I would have saved more time.

What can I do? Thanks guys!

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Hi Annika, On mac, simply save your file as. This is great!!!!

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Compress Word Document Size Offline Download our local Word file reduction software and optimize files without the need for an internet connection. Batch Compress Word Files Save time and effort compressing multiple documents, optimize up to 10, Word files at once. Mac OS Integration Shrink Word files straight from Finder , simply right-click a file and choose from the optimization options.

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Reduce Files Under kb Many allications require Word files to be Compress to kb, kb, kb or below to stay under set sending limits. Upload To Libraries Small Word files are easier to transmit. Choose to apply this setting to only the one image you double-clicked, or to all images in the file.

By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Remove picture compression for Word for Mac Ask Question. Gina Gina 21 1 3. In Word Double-click any image to bring up the Format Picture ribbon.