Dji naza-m v2 mac pmu led w/gps

Attitude stabilization only; no GPS positioning. Lower flight speed, suitable for beginner pilots; S Mode: The aircraft can fly at any attitude angle.

Naza-M V2 - FAQ | DJI

For experienced pilots only. This will occur in the following instances: A motor is obstructed when flying near the ground. Automatic take-off fails. The drone falls and turns on its side after taking off. Double-check that the remote controller is linked to your drone; b. Follow the suggested steps to fix error s ; c.

Check that all ESCs are functioning properly, and that they are compatible with the N3. If your drone turns over, it could be due to incorrect setup or configuration of the system. Complete the following steps to correct any faults in setup. Check that the main controller is facing the direction displayed in DJI Assistant 2; b. Check that the compass point is facing the same direction as the nose of the aircraft; d.

Make sure that each propeller is matched with a motor with the same rotational direction; e. Check that the ESC signal cable matches the main controller cable; f.

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Check that the drone is compatible with the N3. You can detach the IMU module and calibrate it by itself, or calibrate it while mounted on the drone; b. If the IMU units are mounted on the aircraft, prepare by placing the aircraft on the ground or up against a wall so that it stands upright; c. This allows you to move the drone around freely during calibration; d. When calibration is completed, you will need to restart the drone.

The compass is probably not mounted correctly. Remount it and make sure that the compass point faces the same direction as the nose of the aircraft and re-calibrate it before use. When hovering, height drops may occur if the barometer has been affected by external air flow.

You can counter this in two ways: Keep the flight controller where the barometer is built-in away from propellers. Block all the ports of the flight controller with a sponge to stop air from getting in. Yes, but only under the following conditions: The drone has six rotors or more; c. Failling propellers are not contiguous; d. If the propeller system fails and the aircraft begins spinning, the N3 automatically enters Course Lock mode.

There is no required axis distance. However, if the aircraft generates a high level of vibrations we recommend that you use the A3 rather than the N3. There are usually four main reasons for an incorrect setup: You can remove the propellers and mount them again. When I push the throttle stick the Nana-M is not responding, why? In order to prevent faulty operation, you need to execute CSC. Please check the user manual for detailed instructions. When I execute CSC, motors are not responding, why? It means the compass has been compromised, please calibrate the compass.

No, you cannot. The internal sensor may break down because of collision. Please contact local dealer for after-sales service. The SN has already been entered, no need to input again. This is because you did not connect the main controller or you did not install driver correctly.

I followed the instruction to register, but I have not received any activation email? After I assembled the aircraft and flight controller, every time I try to take-off it flips away? The aircraft is circling around when hovering, and the circle is getting bigger and bigger, I almost lost control of it?

The compass has been compromised. Please calibrate the compass. Why the yellow light is still blinking when I switch to GPS mode? Please check the connection. Does the Assistant software support Mac? Please log in your emial box, and click the link to activate the register firstly, then you can enter the software with the email and password to log in. The assistant driver has not been installed sucessfully. How to deal with the configuration error? Please calibrate your transmitter sticks and then restart MC.

No reaction from motors during arming, what should I do? Please refer detailed instructions in the manual.

Start software to check if the control stick on your transmitter can reach the full range, directions are correct or not. Please unplug USB when you do the testing. Flight Parameters recommended for Flame Wheel F? How to set up 3-switch for flight control mode? How to set up Fail-Safe? Make sure all channels of your transmitter include Fail-Safe, adjust any one of the 3 switch control modes to Fail Safe mode, then record the position value in Fail Safe of your Tx.

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After that, switch to other control mode and turn off the transmitter, assistant software show it jumps into Fail Safe mode and meantime LED shows blue ligh, setup is done. How to match propellers and motors? Very important to match Props and motors to get good flight performance. My Red LED is flashing quickly, what is the problem? Connect MC with software to check what problem is and then find out a corresponding solutions. Where should the main controller be placed?

MC has to be installed close to C. No need any damping, just use 3M double-side sticker. What mode should be used in Transmitter? Set your model type as Airplane. Does the software support Vista OS? Please contact dealer Place of purchase.