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I just downloaded this and when I went to unzip it, I got an error.

Frequently Asked Questions on R for Mac OS X

I tried two different programs to unz ip with the same result. With built-in ad blocker, battery saver, Messenger and extensions. Almost ready.

To start the journey with Opera. Run the downloaded file and perform installation. It's ideal for those resizing huge batches of images in one go due to the fact you can batch resize an unlimited number of images at one View full description. CONS Preview doesn't appear by default.

Adobe Illustrator Industry standard design suite. Picasa Picasa for Mac: Google's answer to iPhoto. Introduction , Up: The second approach is mostly preferred by Macintosh users. Prior to R 3. The package is usually named R. The installation is done by double-clicking on the Installer package. The Installer will guide you through the necessary steps. Note that it will require password or login of an account with administrator privileges. The installation can be customized, but the default is suitable for most users. Snapshots of the R-patched and R-devel flavours are available at http: How to install packages , Previous: It appears as an icon labeled R , but to avoid confusion with general R , we prefer to use the name as it appears when using Get Info on the GUI: APP This stands for R application.

Internally R. How to install the R. That distribution consists of one package containing the R framework and R.

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Development versions of R. APP are made available on daily basis in the form of a disk image containing the R. APP itself. The R Console , Previous: How to get R. Download and double-click the package icon. General Features , Previous: For specific R tasks that can be done via the R. APP using menus you should read below see The Menus. Copy and Paste , Previous: The R Console , Up: The R Console. The current and startup working directories , Previous: The Input and the Output , Up: Or you can use supported formats in R through pdf , jpeg etc.

Resizing the R Console , Previous: Copy and Paste , Up: If not otherwise specified in the Preferences see Preferences , or if the specified path is no longer available, then the default working directory at startup is the user home. The working directory can be changed using the setwd R command or using the Misc menu item Change working directory.

Finally it is possible to use a specific directory for a single R session by dragging a folder onto the R. APP icon. APP is not running, this will cause R. APP to be started in the directory corresponding to the folder dragged. The same can be achieved on the command line — for example open -a R. APP to be started using the current directory as the startup working directory. This feature is useful if you want different startup procedures defined by the.

Rprofile ; you can edit a. Rprofile containing you personal initialization R commands in a particular directory and use the Preferences or any other method mentioned above to change the startup directory. Next time you launch R. Rprofile is read and executed by R at startup. This is the equivalent on Unix or the command line to launch R from different directories.

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R Console text colors , Previous: The current and startup working directories , Up: When the R Console Window is resized, the R option width is set appropriately so that any future output will fit the window size. Resizing the R Console , Up: Use the Preferences window to set the R Console text colors see Preferences. The Menus , Previous: Editor undo and line numbers , Previous: General Features , Up: General Features. APP provides an integrated editor for editing of R code. It sports a number of features designed to help developing code inside R. The probably most often used function is the ability to execute code directly from the editor by pressing Command - Return.

Other features include syntax highlighting, brace-matching, code completion and function indexing.

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Editor text completion , Previous: Editor , Up: The editor has an optional facility to show line numbers. These help with locating error messages. Editor function list , Previous: Editor undo and line numbers , Up: It uses the same facilities as the console window for compatibility the console responds to both Tab and Control -. Editor syntax coloring , Previous: Editor text completion , Up: The editor maintains a popup list of functions defined in the edited document.

The list is available in the toolbar and is updated as you type. Selecting a function from that list causes the cursor to jump to the beginning of the function. Editor internal and external , Previous: Editor function list , Up: The editor supports syntax-highlighting for R code. It is possible to change the syntax highlighting colors using the Syntax Color Preference Pane see below. Starting with R. APP version 1. This temporary state is usually recovered by closing the quote, but in some rare instances it may persist until a change is made to the first line of the offending quote.

However, lazy highlighting brings huge speedup when editing large files. Editor help , Previous: Editor syntax coloring , Up: By default, the editor used is incorporated into R. It is a relatively simple multi-document editor that supports the features listed above. Additionally, two powerful commands are available to source the file being edited in its entirety Command-E or to source the current selection to R Command-Return. In that case, it is not possible to keep R waiting if edit is used. Editor internal and external , Up: The editor contains a light-weight help system in form of a search filed placed inside the toolbar.

It is possible to use either an exact or approximate search. Help system , Previous: Editor help , Up: Drag and drop of a directory on the R. APP icon while R. APP is not running will start R. APP and set the working directory. By default. RData and the history file default name. If a file is dropped on the R. APP is not running, R. APP is started, the file is either restored if it is a saved workspace , sourced into R.

APP or opened in the selected editor. Whether the file is opened or sourced is specified by a Preference setting in the StartUp Preference Pane. At this point opening a file in the editor before R. APP is finished loading will crash R. While R. Double clicking on files bound to "Open With APP is started and the file is sourced or opened in editor.

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APP is running, the file is opened in the editor. History , Previous: The Help screen allows a user to go back or forward to previous help pages. It is possible to print help pages. Authentication and. Help system , Up: APP uses history files that are superset compatible with history files created by R. Multiline support remains available from inside R. Multiline is particularly useful when using the Command - Return feature while editing an R script. Import and export allows storing and importing history from files visible in the Mac OS Finder. Multiline is preserved.

This can be set through the StartUp Preference Panel. Default number of kept history entries is A variety of history entry cleanup modes is possible. At a minimum it is suggested to select "Cleanup history entries". Command-line R stores history in a file usually called. It is suggested to use a different name for the R. APP history file, and the default is. Note that the functions loadhistory , savehistory and hence history are not currently supported in R.

History , Up: The official CRAN binaries come pre-packaged in such a way that administrator have sufficient privileges to update R and install packages system-wide. However, the default Unix build requires root-authentication for package installation and other administrative tasks.

As it is not feasible to run the GUI as root, we provide the possibility to authenticate system commands issued from the GUI. The authentication requires an administrator login and causes all subsequent system commands to be executed as root. Use with care!

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In order to allow non-administrators to maintain their own set of packages, R. It is possible to use the Package Installer to install packages either globally admin users only or for the current user only. Note that user-local packages are only used when the corresponding preference option is enabled. The default for admin users is to use system-wide directories, for non-admin users the personal library directory will be used. Preferences , Previous: File Menu , Previous: The Menus , Up: The Menus. Input formats Output formats. PNG with transparency. DNG Adobe.

PSD Photoshop. CR2 Canon. NEF Nikon. ARW Sony. CRW Canon. MEF Mamiya. MRW Minolta.

ORF Olympus. PEF Pentax. RAF Fuji. SR2 Sony.