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Whether you are preparing a PowerPoint presentation for work , school , non-profit, staff training or investor relations. Content marketing is one of the biggest trends of the past couple of years and knowing how to distribute your content via various media is critical to business success. This article will guide and show you, step by step, how to save your PowerPoint presentation in video format.

Next, we discuss the advantages of PowerPoint to video conversion and how you can put a single presentation to greater use. This guide includes instruction on using PowerPoint for Mac.

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So you are considering saving your PowerPoint presentation as video? Whether your presentation contains just text or is a multimedia presentation with sound narration, transitions and video, you will be able to convert it into video. If you plan for sharing your presentation as a video before creating it, you can decide whether to record the narration before creating the presentation. Once your presentation to video conversion is complete, the video is ready to share via Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo or email.

Getting the Source Animated GIF file

There are many users still running Microsoft Office , hence PowerPoint on their computers. If you want to convert a PowerPoint presentation to video and you are running a newer version of the program, you can open the file within PowerPoint You can then use the Create a Video feature to convert your PowerPoint to video. Now select the Transitions tab on the ribbon and go to the Advance Slide options.

Set the slide to immediately auto advance - i.

The showing of the embedded presentation triggers immediately, but this is actually the delay before moving to the next slide in the main presentation once we exit the child presentation. So we really do want it to be immediate. When you run your presentation, you should find that each child presentation will automatically run and loop when you reach the slide on which it is embedded in your main presentation.

To exit the child presentation, return to your main presentation and automatically advance to the main slide simply press ESC - just as you would to exit any PowerPoint presentation. With this solution I also like the fact that you don't have to hide your main slides and you can use them in a more traditional way e. It works well for me and I hope you find it useful too. To help you on your way I've created an example set of slide decks where there are three looping child presentations embedded but not linked in a main presentation deck.

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In the 'Insert Object' dialog window, after checking 'Create from file' option and selecting the file, it doesn't let me add it - this error message comes up:. Check that the path and file name are correct, or try reinstalling the server application. This happens to any file I try to add, I tested it with different file types. I don't really understand what the error message means and what I should do. Hi Steph, that sounds potentially like it is a problem with the code that inserts one file within another.

Usually a reinstall resolves, but does this happen if you try and do the same thing in other applications e. I was searching for a solution to a my own power point dilemma, and your parent-child approach is the closest thing I could find to what I was looking for. I was wondering if there was a way to tweak this approach and make it fully automated so that it would loop through each child presentation, advancing to the next automatically and then finally when it reaches the end of the parent slides it would loop back to the beginning of the parent and start all over by itself.

What I'm trying to accomplish is have a looping presentation playing on the break room flat screen TV. The presentation has maybe about 6 child presentations. Each child is a different topic that would stay in the line up for anywhere from 2 to 5 days depending on the content of that presentation. Presentation topics range from "Open enrollment for benefits is starting" , "It is time to submit your application for employee scholarships" , "We're experiencing extreme heat wave and the importance of hydration" etc. So my problem is this. There is one child presentation that is one slide and it changes every day, and everyone wants to see that slide more than any other and they don't want to wait for 6 other child presentations to see this one.

This one slide happens to be the daily volume and customer count. So what I want to do is have this child slide run in between each of the other childs. What I don't want to have to do is update this one slide every day and then copy it 6 times and position each copy every day.

Looping a slide with multiple animations

I just want to update Child 1 daily and then let the parent call child 1, then child 2, then child 1, then child 3, then child 1, then child 4 and so on for the rest of the day in a continuous loop. I would think that you could do this with some VBScript. The approach I would take would be to generate a single PowerPoint file from the other files. PowerPoint has a merge command merge multiple presentations which the script could utilise. That in combination with a naming convention for the original files and a duplication of the repeating single slide or repeated merging should allow you to build such a presentation.

You could even schedule a script to close PowerPoint, run the merge script and then run the resulting PowerPoint at a particular time each day so all you have to do is drop the files in the right location and name them appropriately I'd use simple numeric names to allow you to easily control position. My boss wanted a complicated 3 child loop thing done for an awards ceremony and these directions were perfect and worked great. You are the only website with these instructions! I'm using PP for Mac.

Playing a Video in PowerPoint on the Mac

I created several looping child. Then I created a blank slide in my parent presentation.

Powerpoint 2008 - create auto show

When I performed:. I removed all fields in the new slide that is supposed to hold the child. Was that right? Any ideas on how to get the object to embed or whatever that's called? Just a "me too", another satisfied and relieved user thanking you for your effort and sharing it with us. None of our PowerPoint remotes have the equivalent of an escape button. Is there a way to make this work so that the equivalent of pressing enter to advance to the next slide would actually take you out of the endless loop and into your main presentation?

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Hi there, thanks so much for this. I tried it and it works if I click to go forward on each slide. The orginals were set up to auto advance but they won't do it in this. I am trying to loop PP's in different formats wide screen vs. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I have a much older office version on my Mac and have never tried it on there; but if you get a file compatibility error I don't think this approach will work for you.

To play these video files within PowerPoint, set playback options in your presentation file. Click on the "Slides" tab in the navigation pane of the Normal view of your presentation. Click on the slide to which you want to add a movie file. Set playback-start options for your movie. On the slide on which you've placed the movie, click on the file to select it.

From the Start menu, choose either "Automatically" so the movie begins playing as soon as its slide appears in your presentation, or "On Click" to trigger movie playback by clicking on the movie yourself at presentation time.

Tutorial: Save your PowerPoint as a Video | Present Better

Set presentation options for the movie. With the file selected on your slide, open the "Playback Options" menu in the Movie Options section and select "Play Full Screen" so the movie frame enlarges to fill your presentation screen while it plays. To keep the movie hidden until it plays, select "Hide While Not Playing" and animate the movie object to trigger playback with a fade in or other effect.

Use the "Rewind After Playing" setting to return the movie to its beginning once playback ends. If your presentation will play from a trade-show kiosk or other unattended hardware setup, choose "Loop Until Stopped" to keep the movie playing continuously.