Transfer data from dead mac to pc

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Or try holding down the Shift key to boot into Safe Boot mode. If neither of those work, try booting from your MacBook Pro's system restore DVD, use Disk Utility and try repairing the disk, or try a 3rd party utility such as the venerable DiskWarrior. Then open the Terminal to copy files using the command line. This allows you to easily open folders as admin. You simply boot from the Linux Live disk, and use it to access your files on the Macintosh HD as administrator which allows you to copy them to an attached external hard drive.

Here's a short video tutorial on youtube. Note, that this tutorial uses an older version of Linux Mint. All the methods above are good and I'd start with the Target Disk Mode attempt. Also, I definitely second DiskWarrior. However, if all else fails, I'd recommend pulling the hard drive and running Sleuth Kit. It's rather complicated and mainly CLI, so research it first. Thank you for your interest in this question.

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How to Recover Data From a Dead Computer

Do you have access to another Mac? If this doesn't work, and the problem is in my hd, are there still other ways of getting my files, however expensive? Yes if the drive has failed there are ways to get your files. But as you suspect it is VERY expensive. Or maybe I should say it can be very expensive. With most of the data recovery companies they want so much down before they even look at the drive.

[Solved] How to recover data from crashed/dead Macbook Pro?

But they do not guaranty that they will be successful. Feb 20, 4: Right on. It's good to know there are options. However, if it comes down to something like that, I'll just have to wait until I make a lot more than what I make now. I could care less about most of the stuff, I just want all of the videos I've taken on Photo Booth. My best friend died last year and it has some of the best times of my life on there.

I'm at work now and it's been over 6 months since I've even tried to turn it on. From what I remember, the boot noise doesn't go 'up' like normal. It used to make two noises really fast, the latter being higher.

Transfer data from dead Macbook Pro?

I'm sure there's a much better way to describe it but I sure can't think of it. The system does come to life, but it doesn't do anything. The fans turn on, the LED light slowly flashes, but the screen does nothing. I also seem to remember the sound of it being on being a lot quieter, like it wasn't actually on. I'm sorry if this isn't enough to work with.

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Oct 23, My macbook pro has exact the same problem! This morning I turned it on, and it reacts the same as you discribe it. I tried to charge my iphone to check the usb, but no result, my iphone doesn't charge anymore.

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My mbp does get hotter as it seems that it is alive, but there's no output on the screen or whatever Can someone help? If it has really died, then I also want to recover my data!! Jul 22, 8: If not late for you, You can easily recover your hard drive. In such situations the file will not get open easily.

Hence by using a good hard drive recovery software,you can easily recover your corrupted data and save the files on you computer back. Hard drive recovery software is a very effective tool and provides complete recovery of corrupted data. For more information you can check the link: Jul 23, 6: Howlerr, if your system isn't charging devices connected to the USB port it sounds like it's a regulation failure to me. I would recommend taking it either to an Apple store if there's one nearby or someone that's qualified to work on the unit.

They can take your drive out if the unit is shot. There's no point buying drive recovery software or testing software for any unit that won't even power up. Some have removed the platters and installed them in likewise drives that dont have head crashes, but torque tolerances are tight, and doing it right is a bit advanced and tricky for most. Ive done HD disk swaps 4 times and had success 3 of the 4 times.

How to recover data from crashed/dead Macbook Pro?

It requires cannibalizing another working HD. In the future remember the golden rule, 2 copies is 1, and one is NONE. Its likely you could find a local computer repair station that can do it for you cheaply.

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