R squared symbol on mac

You know the little '2' you put next to a number ro show its squared.

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How do you do this in Excel? I can't find anything in the help for Excel nor in word.

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I'm using Office XP Thanks. Pondlife ,. Hi, Do you mean how to square a number or how to show the square symbol in a cell's description? Log in or Sign up to hide this advert. Works in Office , don't have Office XP. PeteC ,.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac OS X

They work pretty much anywhere in Windows. Newt ,. In an Excel Cell type 'a' - with the cursor flashing to the right of the 'a' Why they can't have a button for subscript and superscript as in Word via customization is beyond me. As no one else mentioned it. ReggieB ,.

Last edited: Pleased pondlife got some good tips. Newt mentions the Windows Charmap usage. Sometimes you have to juggle around in the different Fonts you have, as the character map per Font is different.

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Does anyone have a comprehensive list of the ALT[Number] symbols? To type the special characters, go back to the Input menu in the menu bar and select "Unicode Hex Input.

How to Insert Square Symbol in Msword

In this case, you'd type OptionC to make the left pointing index finger magically appear in your document. This tip is not only fun, but extremely useful in those cases where you want to use a specific non-standard character or symbol to call attention to something in a document. Be sure to visit our earlier Mac articles for other time-saving tips. The Buyer's Guide.

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How do you type 'squared' in Excel??

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