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The hardware keys will work with Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge on some services, but other services are more fickle—check the browser requirements for each of your most commonly used web services. For the ones that don't support your hardware key, you can use a 2FA code-generator app instead. On the YubiKey setup page , click on Facebook. Yubico will send you to a Facebook page called " What is a security key and how does it work?

This usually involves providing Facebook with a phone number to text you a one-time passcode. Now the moment of truth: Once plugged in, the key should show you a blinking light.

Once you see the blinking light, press the gold disk in the middle of the key. If your model has a button, press the button instead. With that, your hardware two-factor authentication key is activated.

Simplify and Secure Your Online Logins With a YubiKey

If you ever forget your YubiKey at home, don't stress it. Facebook or whatever service will merely ask you to use another form of 2FA to log in, so you can go back to using your code-generating app as a fallback. If you ever lose your YubiKey entirely, you can go into your service's settings and remove your old YubiKey from your list of security keys. Want more news and reviews you can use? Sign up for the Gadget Lab newsletter.

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  • Secure your OS X logins with Fido U2F Yubikey, then your Mac with Filevault | Nic Luo.

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These simple, battery-free devices provide an easy way to securely verify that it's really you who's trying to access your online accounts. Related Video. Science Lab-Grown Meat is Coming, Whether You Like it or Not Food scientists and startups are trying to make meat more ethically appealing by growing it -- cell by cell -- in a lab instead of on a farm. In this mode supported software issues a challenge to the Yubikey some random bytes , and the Yubikey uses the secret key only it knows to sign those random bytes.

The signature becomes the response. Configure your Yubikey for challenge-response.

Sticks and Macs

I used the Yubikey Personalization tool and slot 2 of my Yubikey. PAM is the software that manages the rules for authenticating users. I was concerned about locking myself out, so to start I only worked on the lock screen. Go back. Launching Xcode Launching Visual Studio Rosiak Update stuff. Latest commit 54fa24f Oct 27, These settings can be changed with: Mac builtin Terminal Enable it for the build in Terminal on Macbook: Enable firewall and stealth mode Built-in, basic firewall which blocks incoming connections only. Disable ipv6 temporarily addresses Privacy addresses were disabled by default in versions prior to OS X To disable their use with a sysctl sysctl net.

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QUERY, status: Mon Oct 30 The following should give you a timeout: Then configure slot 2: Edit the following files: From the terminal issue the following command: Use the screensaver to check both the YubiKeys before you proceed. Enable Yubikeylockd Yubikeylockd is a simple daemon that locks your computer starts the screensaver when you unplug the YubiKey.

Locking macOS to a Yubikey 4 with PIV and PAM

To install Yubikeylockd, open a Terminal and enter the following command: Enter the following command: Open a Terminal and enter the following command: A 4 gigabyte RAM disk can be created with the following command: What keysize do you want? Dr Duh Email address: You may want to use the command "--edit-key" to generate a subkey for this purpose. You can see the key id from one of the last lines in the output from above: Key has been compromised No description given Is this okay?

Revocation certificate created. Please move it to a medium which you can hide away; if Mallory gets access to this certificate he can use it to make your key unusable. It is smart to print this certificate and store it away, just in case your media become unreadable.

(broken) How I set up OS X to require a Yubikey for local login

But have some caution: The print system of your machine might store the data and make it available to others! Back up master key Save a copy of the private key block: SC trust: You need a passphrase to unlock the secret key for user: It is a good idea to perform some other action type on the keyboard, move the mouse, utilize the disks during the prime generation; this gives the random number generator a better chance to gain enough entropy. S [ultimate] 1. E [ultimate] 1.

Sign Encrypt Authenticate Current allowed actions: A [ultimate] 1. Back up everything Once keys are moved to hardware, they cannot be extracted again otherwise, what would be the point? D Version Yubico Serial number PIN lengths.: OpenPGP card no.

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