Gta sa game save mac

I'm not a computer expert I'm afraid, just like playing the game! Cheers, Al, UK.

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Just finishing up the new physics games I am playing at http: Thanx so much I couldn't be stuffed completing da missions so this really helped!! Thanks so much I couldn't be stuffed completing missions and this helped!!

A Map for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thanx so much. I couldnt be stuffed completing missions and this helped out!! Gintraxas commented over 6 years ago:. Maxpower commented over 6 years ago:.

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  8. Can you help me with that? This save was created under the original version of San Andreas, so this save will not work on Second Edition, sorry.

    GTA San Andreas resolution [Solved]

    And to clear any additional confusion, this save is intended for the PC version ONLY, and was made for the standard main. Not sure why I have to point this out but apparently I do. Rockstar Games Multiplayer. Grand Theft Auto.

    **NEW AUGUST 2013** 100% saved completed game san andreas pc/mac

    GTA Mods. Rockstar Games.

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    Posted September 4, Now, a simple google search leads me to this: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Recommended Posts. Tried it all already, can't seem to find anything that relates to GTA: SA save games. Literally searched whole hard disk.

    GTA San Andreas Savegame Editor

    SA folder, and it's located in data folder. I tried placing. Posted September 5, You need to put them in the following directory: Ok, works now! Thanks dude. This topic is now closed to further replies.