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Recently I have got a PST file from my friend with having some crucial emails but the problem is that I don't have Outlook installed in my system and without Outlook I don't know how to open it. Then I found this tool that helped me to view the PST file content. Free PST Viewer. Free Download The software is under developement process and will available soon. Download for Windows. Download for MAC. Product Specifications: System Requirements: Just browse the damaged PST file that you want to view and software will show you preview of your damaged PST file after repairing it.

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Sign Up. Last Modified: One can have a complete preview of all data items maintained in an Outlook PST file using any of this 3 software in just a number of clicks. Upgrade to full version to unlock new features. Apart from this, other special features of this tool are discussed below: The software is programmed in such a manner that one can view PST file emails along with the associated attachments. Advance Search Option: Another special feature of this tool is the advance search option.

This will helps users to search for the specific email in the PST file. One just needs to type the keyword and all searches related to it will appear immediately. In addition, there are some other features of this software purchase is required to unlock all features that are mentioned below: PST Calendar Viewer: The tool is capable enough to preview calendars stored in Outlook PST file without any issue.

In addition, it displays the calendars in the same as in Outlook.

FREE PST Viewer for Mac & Windows Download to Open, View Outlook PST FIles.

Moreover, one can view notes, tasks, and journals also using this tool. PST Contact Viewer: It does not compromise with the original formatting of data. However, the other special benefits of this software are: There is no file size limitation imposes by the PST file viewer while previewing Outlook data file. One can easily view any size PST file using this application.

A Brief Information about PST file format and Why PST Viewer Tool is used?

Keeps Meta Properties Intact as Original: Another key feature of this MailsDaddy PST Viewer is that it keeps the meta properties intact as original after add file in the software. Edwin Hoffer. LVL 5. Outlook 4.

Open PST file without Microsoft Outlook - PST files management software

Level 5. Software doesn't modify any metadata from. Yes, it will work on your mac laptop. To view pst file messages on a mac machine, simply download the mac version of the tool and run it on a mac machine to open and read ms outlook pst files. Yes, you can open corrupt.

Yes , this stand-alone pst file reader is perfect for your need. It only requires Java Runtime Environment to be installed on your machine. You can download this tool on a external data storage media such as external hard disk or pen drive. And can run directly from it to read pst files.

I really love this 'PST Reader' app. Now its part of my daily office software tools. What all free viewer can do It's completely portable. We have tested it on files ranging from 2 GB to 30 GB. What is PST file extension? What is pst file location in Windows 10? What are pst file size limit in different versions of Outlook? I am working as a forensic investigator.

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Can I download this tool on a pen drive and run from it? Can I view password protected pst files? Does it make any changes to Outlook.