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However, the core problem is still the acceleration curve. When you move the mouse on OSX, it first moves verrrry slowly, so you move it faster and when you reach a certain speed the mouse suddenly accelerates like crazy. This is not controllable through the "tracking speed" slider in the control panel. The tracking speed is only the fastest the mouse will go. And you can actually make it go even faster!

But my problem is not with how fast it would eventually get. My problem is with how freaking slow it initially starts even at max traking speed. Apple's been stubbornly unresponsive to this problem, as they always are, especially when the mouse is at stake took them 10 years to aknowlege the need for a right button Fortunately, since the last time I checked errr Since I'm trying to do some desk work right now and have a wired mouse, I'm currently and happily using USB Overdrive with these settings:.

You should take a look at ControllerMate[1] too. Cos I feel this problem as well and if I am telling this to somebody, they dont understand what I mean, but you have the same feeling. At least I can take crappy mouse support off my pet peeve list for Macs ;. Okay after tons of research I have figured out how to fix the apple mac scrolling acceleration problem. Non of the programs mentioned work for me. They just lessen the serverity of the algorithm. I wrote up a deal on how to fix it completely so you can scroll like you did in windows and linux.

Here is the link:.

An Easy Fix for a Magic Mouse Tracking Problem

How to do it with Magic Mouse? You expressed the exact feelings and needs i was feeling with my new 27 imac, …. For Magic Mouse you can use the Magic Driver from here: However the developers are considering dropping development of this, and the current beta expires in April, so that would mean bye-bye adjusting the acceleration curve.

Magic Driver has plenty of other features, too. So if it works for you and you like it, WRITE to the developers to tell them to continue development!

Speed up Mouse Tracking (acceleration) on Mac OS X

Strangely enough, I have the opposite problem with my mouse…. You ROCK! Come on, really? Gots news for you Apple: This is exactly what I have been looking for!!!!

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I have tried MagicPrefs and other apps to boost the tracking speed and nothing comes close to my personal preference I really like the tracking high. It appears that if you open the mouse settings in system prefs or mess with MagicPrefs I recommend this tool if you use a Magic Mouse , the scaling reverts back to the default which is 3 in my instance. I just had to open the terminal window again and reset my scaling to my desired speed.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening? One workaround is to not open either the mouse or MagicPrefs I guess. Thanks for the tip, Tyler.

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I am a new Mac user and this is something hard for me to adjust to. Glad there is a way to change it. Hi Tyler, Thank you too but the mouse speed getting fast after I logged in but before I logged my mouse as a dead. It works very slowly. Made sure I entered correctly but same message. Any ideas? This definitly made my day!! Worked without restarting the computer! I upgraded my tracking speed from a maximum of 3.

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You made a little bit of my life easier man, I have to work with long and large spreadsheets and this just makes it more convenient. It was great first 15 sec and then suddenly vanished! Thank you so much Tyler. Get SmoothMouse guys, it fixed all my issues. Im a designer and when you play with nodes in illustrator and the bloody mouse is not responsive it drive you freekin insane!!

Thanks so much. I just switched from a PC to a Mac and I actually thought my mouse was broken. I think Lastly, does anyone else have issues with the keyboard? I make a lot of typos…. Which version are you using? You need to do this with an administrator account, perhaps that is your issue? This worked great for me, but do you think you could find a way to increase the mouse speed, rather than mouse acceleration?

This is wonderful. What is the MAX Terminal setting one can assign and notice an actual speed difference? Thanks a lot for the info. I have a macbook pro and it seems I cant get it to work for me. I am able to set a new value to mouse tracking by writing: GlobalPreferences com. Any suggestions? Very useful — worked like a charm! Makes working with multiple monitors possible. Thanks again! Your email address will not be published. Magic Mouse tracking speed More Less.

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